Flexion, Extension, and Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1150

Flexion, Extension, and Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 1150

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Great class! I loved loved loved the back extension at the end!!!!
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Thanks! I really like the mat exercises on the reformer!
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Thanks Kristi great class , it was lovely to also meet you at Polestar conference and if you have plans to travel please come to Australia for a workshop x
Helen H
Loved the class and your excellent cueing as always. When you switch the legwork in straps, how many springs did you want? Was it still 3 and a blue?
Hi Helen, I'm usually on a red and a blue for strap work. If I did any abdominal work before then (it's been awhile since I taught this class), I would have changed it to those springs at that point. Thanks for the feedback! :)
Amazing class as always Kristi. Thanks!!
Kristi, thank you for mentioning the modification for those of us on a low reformer.
Thanks everyone! Glad I could help Soolbeat.
Beautiful class! I loved the seated mat variations. I've never seen them on the reformer before. Mahalo!
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