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Alan Herdman
Alan Herdman
Discussion 1157

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Kristi: thank you once again for bringing these very important teachers in, so that we have a much fuller understanding of this world we call Pilates. I think that this information is so important to the community as a whole, so we can be more unified in the future.
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Well said Lynn. Beautiful interview Kristi, thank you for letting us get to know Alan, what a lovely man.
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WOW.....I really loved this Kristi, thanks! What a truly generous, interesting and gentle man. I soooo enjoyed meeting him at BASI celebrations. I want to learn more.....
OMG... I know I'm not supposed to say this as one of the owner's of this website (and the one doing the interview) but, I LOVE this man, and I am so grateful for this interview!!!
Cathy M
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That was really interesting. I learned a lot from listening to both of you talk. He has a great approach to teaching and Pilates. Thank you Alan and Kristi!
Reiner G
Kristi, what was the name of the book again, the two of you spoke?
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts is the book Alan and I both loved so much.

Jennifer W
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Kristi, this was a wonderful interview! Filled with tons of valuable information. You continue to reinforce the importance of community with our "just exercise" industry. Thank you!
Thank you Jennifer.
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I love how Alan says it is not about the technique, but about the individual. Working for the person.
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