Centering Fitness Ball<br>Jillian Hessel<br>Class 1163

Centering Fitness Ball
Jillian Hessel
Class 1163

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Wonderful! Loved the breathing and the inspiring work on the ball--thank you:)
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Loved this class...can't wait to visit it again! Great core workout.
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Loved this one! Please bring more bouncy Fitness Ball workouts! Thank you for the extra care with breath work!
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My first time doing bouncy ball breathing with arms loved it! Great ball workout! Loved the instructor
I liked the class very much. I felt the work on my arms, buts and abs. Thanks
Thanks Jillian really enjoyed it what is the main purpose behind the Ron Fletcher method of belly then lateral chest breathing. This is a new method to me one I have not tried before in Pilates. Thanks Linda
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Thanks Jillian! And if someone says 'Pilates is for women only', I'll push him to do your class))
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I loved your class!!! Thanks from PerĂº!!!
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Lovely class, I'm very similar to your style!!!
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She is a doll! I love her voice, enthusiasm and passion!
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