Centering Fitness Ball<br>Jillian Hessel<br>Class 1163

Centering Fitness Ball
Jillian Hessel
Class 1163

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Love it even though sometimes lost my altitude!
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Wonderful! Very inspiring and I love your energy :)
Thanks Sabrina & Emilia for your positive comments.
Elena I
Thank you Jilian, I like this a lot! Always found the ball good for me, and was able to relax very well by the end!
I Love it!!!
What a wonderful workout Jillian. It was challenging for me in new ways since it forced me to relax and breath into my powerhouse instead of bracing and focus on the "work". Less is more for sure - Thank you so much for bringing back in some oxygen!
I adore this class!!! I loveworking on the ball like this
Great class. But I think I need more air in my ball!
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What a fun, refreshing, FUN class!!
Great workout!!!! Thank u Jillian!!!
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