Creating your Own Resistance
Ton Voogt
Class 1172

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This was such a fun workout and so much fun to work with Ton! The top I am wearing is by Lorna Jane Life. I am sure you could find it online. Hope you find it, I love her stuff. Love you Ton and Michael!
Love Ton's energy and humor. He kicked my butt, but I had a smile on my face the whole time. Definitely one of my new favorite classes. Thanks!
TON! YES! AH! :)
As always a GREAT Ton class. I continue to learn precise, focused points for various exercises. Thanks Ton and hope to catch you and Michael in person soon.
Awesome! I love the Tinkerbell variation! Thanks for the fun and informative class!!
just found Ton. Loved his personality and his workout.Rebecca
Great workout thank you :)
One of my favorite reformer workouts! As usual, excellent cues.
I nearly fell off my tendon stretch Laughing  at you “that’s sexual harassment” 😂😂. Omg what fun you are I LOVED THAT!!!!
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