Tower Challenge<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 1184

Tower Challenge
Brett Howard
Class 1184

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Hard not to love Brett! Starts stretchy and then super challenging arms and super killer ab series using the arm springs!! Love it!
Brett WY you do not said nothing abaut brething? i
I've just watched this. Oh my, ladies, each of you deserves a medal. That was a tough one! I look foward to giving it a try soon.
Love love love your classes!! I always feel so strong and wonderful!!
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Thank you Brett Howard not only for inspiring me to try this workout tomorrow but for the occasional LOL's and for the big smile on my face. I truly enjoy watching you instruct.
I love Brett's humor as he tortures... I, I mean teaches the ladies :) Awesome class!
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Great class! Loved the ab series with the springs and the teasers with push through. I don't know what you call a "treat", but those squats at the end were more of a "trick" ;) Definitely will be feeling this in many places and look forward to doing again.
Brett you are my new favourite. Now I just need to figure my springs out and I'm in business. Fab class thanks a mil :)
Uhuuuu !!! excellent class, love it !! Thank you Brett you are just amazing
Felicidades,excelente clase,muy instructiva
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