Shared Traditions Panel<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Discussion 1191

Shared Traditions Panel
Kristi Cooper
Discussion 1191

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Reiner G
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Wonderful discussion! Thank you so much for making this available.
Elizabeth D
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Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you Kristi!! How lucky we are to be able to hear from these talented teachers and the importance of keeping the lineage present in our teaching.
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So lovely to have this panel share their thoughts and heart, priceless! Many thanks
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Beautiful. My highest respect to Kristy Cooper and Anytime Pilates for being a genuine bridge of peace between people, creating Love and understanding in the Pilates comunity and therefore, making a difference in the world, as we all are tools of healing been chosen by Pilates. Thank you
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This is priceless! I am so far down the lineage that I have encorporated elements from each of the elders( Thanks to Pilates Anytime!) I am grateful to know the connections between the elders and the first generation teachers. My own strength is not in form but in the compassion I bring to each session as I strive to help my clients feel and move better. That's why I'm always on PA continuing to learn the exercises and applications. After watching this, I feel like I belong to Pilates . Thank you
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Ditto!!!! Remarkable! Our Elders must have the widest shoulders and long necks right now!!! Thank you for promoting and encouraging the essential principles and moral values of the Pilates Community: unity, respect, sharing, wellness, caring, kindness to others. Coming together creates the power to maintain and expand Pilates balancing, strengthening and healing wonders. Just what Mr. Pilates dreams for... We are so grateful for your in visioning hard work! Congratulations!
On this Friday night as I leave the office just after watching the rough cut of Carola Trier's biography that we have put together with the help of Deborah Lessen, Jillian Hessel, Roberta Kirschenbaum, Kerry Roland, Fran Lehan, Judith Covan (and of course Jeff who filmed and edited it all), your words of appreciation in the direction of legacy literally bring tears to my eyes. For me legacy is everything. I am both relieved and grateful that our heritage and the deep roots of our great tradition seems to be of interest to you too. Moderating this panel was one of the highlights of my Pilates life. The Pilates Legacy Project we have been working on (fingers crossed we launch on Oct 9th) may just be the best that I can personally hope to do this time around... I hope you like it too. Thanks for watching.
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Absolutely amazing! This is exactly what I needed to watch and hear after these last few weeks of division. We are a family. Xoxo
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