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Kristi, this is so beautiful and inspiring. I was so sad that I couldn't be there in person, but it's wonderful to be able to hear this wonderful discussion. And I am so happy that there is somewhere I can direct my students who will never get the opportunity to study directly with the elders. And I am even more happy to see this coming together that is so needed in our community.
Thank you Carol!
Thank you Kristi! Fabulous!
My Pleasure Laurie! Thank you for watching!
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I do not have enough words to express how blessed I feel that I got to watch this discussion, and I feel blessed as well that I got to find Pilates Anytime. Kristi thanks very much for this and congratulations for The Pilates Legacy Project!!!
Jennifer, I just happened to open my email (where these comments are directed) 10 mins after you wrote your comment. I also happen to be on a plane ride home after showing the rough cut of Romana's biography to her daughter and granddaughter (Sari and Daria) as well as filming two full days of interviews with Lolita San Miguel, all for the Legacy project. My fatigue is high and my energy is "spent" close to, if not beyond my limit. Your well timed words here have been met with deep appreciation. Thank you for exploring our history with me.
I finally made the time to watch this! What an absolute treat. It has re-inspired my quest to learn from all of these amazing teachers in time. Thank you PA for bringing this footage to us xxx
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