Before the Hundred<br>Cara Reeser<br>Tutorial 1198

Before the Hundred
Cara Reeser
Tutorial 1198

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This was so helpful when viewing Kathy's mat the ball breathing cue makes sense to me. I bet you hugged her as often as you could....she appeared tough but I bet she gave great hugs. Cara you have really demonstrated your own strong gifts of teaching and expression of movement but you have represented your roots with Kathy so well!! Thanks for all of your hard work to share this!
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Angel, I am so glad , more to come for this section. Thank you. I will keep the good work coming your way.

Cara, I loved learning the ball breathing- can't wait to use it with my people. The song- how amazing that feeling! Thank you!!! for sharing this work!
Elsabe D
Again, a massive thank you! Learned so much!
Thank you Cara! Always learn so much from you. Big hug!
Thank you Cara, I keep singing and smiling :)
Thank you, Cara, for sharing this work! Just beautiful!
Thanks ladies. I am glad you are enjoying. It makes me smile and sing indeed.
Only just seen this! wow how wonderful ..really great teaching Cara thank you! i am a singer as well as a pilates fanatic and this is just fabulous!!
Eurona T
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Thank you for sharing, Cara! I absolutely love the imagery of the bands - I don't think I'll ever teach the Roll Up the same again.
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