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Michele Larsson
Tutorial 1204

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wow, i love it!
What a wonderful explanation! I was avoiding imprinting because of lack of knowledge of what imprinting is. Thank you.
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WOW! A new way to imprint the spine. Thank you so much for sharing Eve Gentry's amazing contribution to movement. This was a life saver for me today!
Dear Michele,
I just refreshed this class and trying the method myself but I wonder if I could apply it to my client who have spondylolistesis and if this could help her. How should I guide her. I love this method to relaks my spine when I'm tired I would love to give it to my clients. Than you
Thanks for the clarity! It is wonderful to know how the process began and progressed.
Thank you Eve, thank you Michelle. This will be very beneficial to teaching imprinting!
Thank you so much! Have been in agony for the last 2 days after lower back spasm. Am now pain free for the first time in 2 days.
Really cool! Thank you! I want more :)
Lesley J
Thank you Michele for a wonderful tutorial on imprinting. It's so simple and brilliant.
Thank you..Really felt that. Yes, deep and mindful.
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