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Tutorial 1204

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absolutely wonderful, thank you Michelle! Another way of really "listening" to the body. I think I will do this even in a mat class as a "coming in". Such a good way of really turning the mind to what happens inside. And helpful for preventing back problems.
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Thank you Michele for helping me tap into the bones and deeper muscles of the spine. What a great exercise for relaxation and for chronic back pain. I also appreciate the thoughtful and creative way you explained everything. This is one for the faves for sure!
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Such a great way to start a class ,it gets the mind set in focus. My clients loved it, and the movements were then so much more fluid and appeared to need less effort. Thankyou
This feeds off my original certification which was heavy on the fundamentals...thank you so much for this detailed explanation of Eve's original intention. I am a believer. Thank you, Michele.
That's was really good. My screen got stuck so I closed my eyes and did as Michelle said. Ohhh, lovely. Thank you
So profound - now I understand imprinting in a very deep and nourishing way. Thank you for your generous teaching Michele and thank you for your commitment to sharing such amazing teaching and unifying the profession Pilates Anytime x
Thanks for the vedio. something I dont quite understand there- we have 33 vertebrae, but why Michele keeps saying 24-25? Thank you.
Michele is likely referring to the 24 articulating vertebra rather than including the fused sacrum and Coccyx. (7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar).
I loved that It will help a lot with some of my clients. Thank you a lot.
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