Mixed Equipment Exploration<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 1233

Mixed Equipment Exploration
Wendy L.
Class 1233

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just amazing....such intuitive teaching. THIS is why i became a teache - to learn from people like you Wendy.
Wendy is an amazing teacher!
Yeong Cheol C
have fun.
Thank you, Miranda....as you can see, we are in a "conversation WITH the deep intelligence of our body", which is very different than "fighting gravity" and doing something TO the body , creating unnecessary tension by over-stabilizing muscles!.....Thank you, Kristi, for your beautiful energy and for having such a creative space for teachers, like me, to express our heart's passion!
Wendy, This is the heart of you! Thank you for sharing what inspires you. You help so many of us to see the lighter, revitalizing aspect of the work we do and how to enliven and liberate the world we live in. Thanks! ox
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Awesome Wendy!!! So nice to see you on PA Heikki!!! Wonderful stuff.. well done!! xx
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thanks, Gary and Anita! As you know, when we become curious about our "core" relationship from foot to hand to head..... with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment (springs, apparatus, floor, wall, etc)..... we wake up our body genius which begins to teach us.....and that self-healing relationship gets deeper and more fulfilling as we age!
By the way, congratulations, Gary, on your pivotal role in the beautiful movie "A Movement of Movement" which I just saw at the 2013 PMA Annual Meeting in Ft Lauderdale!
you make me feel free floating and feel the gravity like a parnetship
thank you
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Thank you , Enrique...and it is that feelling that we can take into any workout...being curious and playful so that we are learning to listen to our body's needs. Gravity becomes our friend rather than our enemy, and we become self-healing at any age!
So fun! Many memories of times when you have exclaimed, "ta da!" as I have learned amazing things in my body with your guidance, Wendy. Thank you for encouraging freedom and creativity!! It does feel SO good.
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