Mixed Equipment Exploration<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 1233

Mixed Equipment Exploration
Wendy L.
Class 1233

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Thank you, Nanci, for being such a vital part of the journey that has grown me over the years. As you said, when we open ourselves to our natural way of moving within the gravitational field, we awaken and encourage freedom and creativity - and you will surprise and amaze yourself!
Thank you. Amazing...
I really love what you shared in this class....very inspiring. Thank you for reminding me to have fun & do what feels good in my body :)
Thank you, Gokce and Lisa, I feel this way of being with ourselves is truly what Joseph Pilates envisioned when he spoke about "whole body health"....he wanted us to be self-healing, and the way that is achieved is by being in relationship with "CORE as relationship with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment"!
You make smile. Thanks for inspiring me to explore.
Thank you, Susan, you make me smile too! And thank you for asking me to mentor you in my Passing the Torch Mentoring Program so that we can truly explore moving from the deep intelligence of who we are!
Thanks for reminding me to play and explore
You are so welcome, Susan....playing and exploring were not so popular in Pilates many years ago. There was so much seriousness about "doing it the right way"...so now we can stand on the shoulders of Joseph Pilates by listening to and be guided by our body's deep intelligence...Playing and Exploring are NATURAL expressions of whole body movement! xwendy
WOW! This was awesome and so inspiring! This is the true work, learning to listen to what feels right and to flow with that feeling. Thank you Wendy
Thank you, Avishag...I agree that Joseph Pilates wanted us to be able to help ourselves and to be strong as we age...and we can't do that without learning to listen to what our bodies need, xwendy
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