Mat for Posture<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1239

Mat for Posture
Amy Havens
Class 1239

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I loved all of the upper back work in this class Amy! I'm always looking for exercises to strengthen my upper back and improve my posture, and this really worked it! I also liked how doing a lot of the supine ab exercises without the chest lift helped me feel my lower abdominals more, I feel like sometimes I concentrate so much on working the upper abs that I forget about my lower ones a bit! The teaser variation and standing work at the end were also fun. Thanks for an awesome class, my body feels great now!
Good morning Amy! I always enjoy your classes and tried this one today based upon that lovely last line in the description. "Your body will feel wonderful after this class." I'm happy to say that it's so true! My hips, back and arms feel stronger and my spine feels longer! I especially loved the side-lying series, and felt way more connected in my hip sockets with that yummy feedback from the band.
Thanks so much for this posture happy class!
Awesome blossom ! Great reminder on the simplicity of movement that is challenging. ESP loved hover knees to DD & back, diagonal reaches after teaser prep and the standing arm work with weight shift & foot press. Thank you thank you thank you!
Thank you so much Rena.....I so love hearing feedback from you. I'm so glad your body felt wonderful after this class!!!! I wanted to spend a bit more time on the standing leg work with the band, will have to do that next time! Talk to you soon!
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Aw, thanks Jennifer! I love getting feedback from you---you always tell me honestly what you got from the session, which I'm grateful for. Thank you so much!
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Hi Haille!!!! Such a great feeling to see/read a comment from you. I miss your smiling face in are coming back soon aren't you?! Glad you felt your lower abs by keeping the head down during your ab work, never a bad idea! :) See you soon !!
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I feel great after this class, Thank you so so much! I am a pilates teacher in Belgium, this is my first online class on this website, as there are so few places where I can take pilates classes for my own workout. Hope they are all so good and inspiring as this class. THANK YOU, you are a great teacher, very clear explanation, looking at the screen is not even necessary, you talked me through it easily
Good stuff Amy! Reminded me of the class at your studio the day I was there. I could really feel the upper back and posterior shoulder work. Thank you!
Hi Katrien, welcome to Pilates Anytime!! Thank you SO much for taking the time to comment on this class. I'm very happy to hear from you, glad you enjoyed this, your first class with us! One of the nicest compliments I can receive is what you've offered, that you didn't have to watching the screen.......that you could follow just by listening. THANK YOU!!
Thank you Connie!!! So glad you enjoyed this class too! :)
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