Mat for Posture<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1239

Mat for Posture
Amy Havens
Class 1239

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I miss being in your class! I'll be back in SB January 3rd.
Great class Amy! I really enjoyed it some great ideas that I will borrow for my classes. I am always looking for theraband ideas.
Excellent class thankyou will definately be doing this one regularly
Glad to hear this Melissa, thank you!!
this class is super. Thank you Amy I love your energy
Awesome! I feel so great!
So glad to hear this Elizabeth, thank you!!
Loved this challenging, but gentle class. The opening warmup moves really helped release my tense upper back and neck.
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Yes.....challenging but gentle.....good for so many people! Thanks for taking class with me Marisa and for leaving me your feedback, I really appreciate it!
Karin H
As people age gracefully they have many issues: shoulder surgeries, arthritis, hip replacements, spine surgeries, etc. Any way you could level your class for much older students with the typical issues I described above. I have 70 and 80 year old mat students who believe in the value of Pilates. Therefore I'm looking for more level 1-2 mat work geared towards 70 year olds. Just a request. Thanks.
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