The Eternal Flame<br>Romana Kryzanowska<br>Documentary 1251

The Eternal Flame
Romana Kryzanowska
Documentary 1251

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Reiner G
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Thank you Pilates Anytime for this wonderful documentary and all the work you have invested in this. This was great to watch and for sure very emotional.
Excellent. Thank you for making the history of Pilates available to us. x
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Absolutly beautiful!
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This addition to the legacy project was definitely worth the wait. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman and her family. Thank you for sharing for all of us to remember and appreciate a lifelong commitment to what so many of us take for granted.
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Beautifully done - a perfect birthday commemoration. Thank you.
Erica V
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Thank you all for this beautiful tribute!
so beautiful! Monica just stunning- so heartfelt
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I am speachless... Many many thanks to you all. I was wondering if it is possible to combine all this to a one BIG documentary:)) also the music choice was so good. Love you PA...
Thanks for watching everyone. It means so much to receive this kind of feedback given several of you knew Romana intimately. Kathi we can't wait to show the next portion of the Romana's legacy where we focus on some of the great teachers like yourself that she influenced. Should be within a couple of weeks!
Just beautiful!
Made me feel so proud to do what we do... and to keep trying to be better all the time.
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