The Eternal Flame<br>Romana Kryzanowska<br>Documentary 1251

The Eternal Flame
Romana Kryzanowska
Documentary 1251

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Z A thank you. Jeff, the editor and videographer for 3 of the biographies and many discussions in the legacy project made 3 feature length films just out of school and before working with us. I have not so secretly been planting seeds hoping one day he'll want to make a movie about all this (After work of course :) ). Jeff found the two versions of the classical song you hear and Sari's husband Silas is playing classical guitar as well. Glad you like it!
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Great to hear this, I think that would be a very valuable gift for pilates community. I loved it Kristi together with everything about PA from the day one. Lots of love to you from Istanbul.
Wonderful , Inspiring ! Thank you.
Increible , muy sentimental, Romana es y sera la Maestra eterna, maravillosa siempre !!
This is just beautiful. And watching this makes me happy and proud to be a part of the pilates community. Thank you to all involved in putting this dokument together. Gracias tambien a Romana
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Just wonderful! The tears of joy are flowing as I remember my wonderful teachers, Romana, Sari, Daria, and so many others that helped me to gain at least a rudimentary understanding of the Pilates system with which to begin teaching in earnest. I was enjoying a terrace party with Romana once after our work in the studio and decided to put together some music. I kept asking her if she liked various artists and her reply was the same, "I like the classics." At hearing the music for this documentary, I thought of her and how she would appreciate it. I agree with Edwina, that teaching is a source of joy and am grateful to Romana and her teachers to have been given the skills to enjoy a lifetime of teaching.
Thank you Faye. Jeff Mizushima our chief editor and videographer asked a lot of questions of Daria and Sari prior to picking the music. It was also a great honor to have Sari's husband Silas Santo, include a guitar solo as well. They mentioned that his was some of Romana's favorite music.
Yeong Cheol C
great teacher.
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Such an inspirational documentary and a testament to the timeless true principles of Pilates!
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Oh my goodness.. what a tribute! Well done, I am sure you made Romana proud!
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