Judith Covan on Carola<br>Judith Covan<br>Discussion 1262

Judith Covan on Carola
Judith Covan
Discussion 1262

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LOVE the last line.
Listening to and watching Deborah Lessen interview Judith Covan last Summer was one of the most meaningful times I've spent in a Pilates studio in my entire Pilates career.
Reiner G
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It is so amazing to hear a contemporary witness! Thank you so much Pilates Anytime for doing this!
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Inspiring....what a lovely woman. Her simple and incredible life story shared so beautifully.
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thank you Kristi!
Thank you all for taking an interest and being willing to explore right along with me!
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So great to hear these stories! Thank You!
Thanks for sharing Judith, excellent interview. Thank you Kristi for bringing this to us.
Bravo! Wonderful stories. Thanks for making this document!
Our pleasure Anna! Thank you for watching!
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