Create Space in the Body<br>Wendy L.<br>Class 1264

Create Space in the Body
Wendy L.
Class 1264

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Great to see you on PA, Wendy! As always, an inspirational class. Lovely!!
thank you, Wendy! The "down-the-back" makes such a difference! More and more I understand...!
Wonderful new hip-opening movements! I will do this again and again because my body likes it so much and your words can sink in deeply!
thank you, Wendy! Working with "down-the-back" makes such a difference! Wonderful hip-opening movements and rotations! I will do this again and again, and find something new in your words evrytime!
thank you, Lita and's great to share my explorations around the deep intelligence of our bodymind! You're right, discovering how to "partner with gravity" with "Down the Back", allows a natural and effortless internal lift to occur "Up the Front"! This way of being opens us to a playful and curious relationship with ourselves, the apparatus or mat, and one another - it's transformational. And, as you said, Silke, there will always be something new with ourselves and each client, with this way of approaching our workouts, because every moment is new and we are open to discovering what our bodies are asking for at that moment. we truly become self-healing.
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I feel that Joseph Pilates was a natural bodyworker, and when we can partner with the apparatus, we can use the surface, strap, footbar, etc., to yield into gravity, which allows us to move our bodies around the anchored parts and open those areas that are holding tension! Let me know what you discover!
Why I feel bad with my back knee( leg straight) during the high lunge at the end of this session? I tried with a red and a red+yellow spring.
Thank you
Hi Monica, one reason your back knee could hurt in the Front Splits is that your knee is probably over-stabilizing for your body position. When you are in this position, can you feel internal lift from the dome/inner ankle of your back foot along your spine, to your inner ear, without your knee gripping? This feeling requires a deeper sense of getting in touch with how your leg connects to your spine, and your joints stay open.
Hola Wendy, estuve viendo sus clases y me gustan mucho, pero tengo una crítica constructiva... los videos deberían ser subtitulados para los que no hablamos inglés... en todo caso, me podrías decir donde puedo dejar esta inquietud??? Muchas gracias !!! Saludos desde Argentina
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Hola marisa...I am passing your request to kristi as it is a great suggestion to have subtitles on the videos for people to translate...muchas gracias!
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