Feel-Good Pilates Arc<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 1289

Feel-Good Pilates Arc
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1289

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Very cool workout, thanks Lisa! The only drawback is one move that's quite hard for level 1/2: Grabbing both my feet behind me (while lifting the legs upwards; the move shown in the preview image) just doesn't work for me. How can I modify and what's a good way to practice getting there? I think the main problem is that my Hamstrings are too tight, plus maybe the lower back too. Thanks in advance!
Lisa Hubbard
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Julia R thank you for join g me class! I love your question and feedback. Most definitely the Rocking position is difficult on its own! Typically when the hip flexors & the lower back are tight and hamstrings not optimal (hip extension) itโ€™s best to focus on opening those areas in the body & conditioning the hamstrings. Modified can be reaching into the pose - emulating the exercise as best as the body is ready to. Some use props (strap/band) to assist with extension. I hope this helps ๐Ÿ™
Thank you Lisa Hubbard ! :) The Theraband is an excellent idea, I will try it.
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