Feel-Good Pilates Arc<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 1289

Feel-Good Pilates Arc
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1289

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Thank you Lisa for this enjoyable start into the day!
Lisa Hubbard
Hi Karin, thank you for joining me for the workout & happy you enjoyed it!
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Wonderful way to start my morning! Thank you:)
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Now I know what I want for Christmas- an arc. I can't wait to do this one!
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Really Great Lisa! Nice deliberate flow and lovely demonstration on the Arc.
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Hi Lisa

Loved the mat arc work... Have you ever thought of a class incoprating it with the reformer?

I teach a series on the reformer with the arc and would love to a class in actions, by a instructor at Pilates Anytime.

Thanks, Tiffany
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Thank you, Lisa- these exercises on the arc give a great feedback on where the body needs to be at all times. Wonderful alignment awareness!
Thanks for the inspirational routine.. I've been looking to purchase this product but can't find one in London... Any idea of where I can find one?
Tiffany ~ Here is a Reformer class taught by Lisa, using the arc as a prop. Enjoy!
Heidi ~ Here is a link to buy a Pilates Arc from Balanced Body online.
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