Intermediate Reformer Flow<br>Sharon G.<br>Class 1296

Intermediate Reformer Flow
Sharon G.
Class 1296

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Sharon, you are my latest, greatest gift to myself! The footwork series alone is worth watching this video for amazing cue and integrity. Thanks!
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Awesome class, Sharon! Thank you. And congratulations on your little one!!
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What is the correct breathing technique when pushing back and rolling back on the carriage in Footwork please? I have observed both ways, either exhale or inhale on the push backward.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Hello Karen. I know how that can be confusing. According to many, Joe didn't cue when to inhale or exhale, just that you have to fully exhale to inhale. I personally like to inhale on the opening of the springs and exhale on the closing. I feel like the inhale helps to open the back and side ribs on the lengthening so it encourages better ribcage placement and then the deepening can be emphasized on pulling the body back together.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Hello Karen (continued)
In my experience, most classical teachers cue this type of breath. I try to think of the opening of the springs as a leveraging and not a push. I cue my clients that it's not a leg press. The trick is to find how to draw the spring into your center. I find that this creates more of a partnering and aligning with the spring as opposed to feeling like it's something you are pushing away. That said, you always have to cue to the person in front of you, so there is no "correct breathing" technique that applies to all. I hope that helps and thank you for commenting.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you so much Holly for the glowing review. I truly appreciate your comment and kind words.

Kyla, thank you for the praise and for the congrats. He was born 11/8 and we are in love with him.
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Thankyou Sharon :)
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Just did this class to prepare for your visit to Amsterdam next week. Level 2 (!!??!?#*&%#@!!) I'm going to die in the 2hour advanced reformer! ;) Looking forward to it! Safe travels, and see you soon!
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Hi Anna, I know you are as strong as ever. I hope you like the latest Advanced Reformer class we just posted today. Let me know how you do. Sending all my best to you, Jelena, Mira and the whole Amsterdam crew.
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Hi Sharon can you please advise me what springs you are on at the at the beinging of this workout?
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