Intermediate Reformer Flow<br>Sharon G.<br>Class 1296

Intermediate Reformer Flow
Sharon G.
Class 1296

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Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Hi KERRIE.  Yes, I typically start with 4 springs on a Gratz Reformer.  For smaller bodies I might opt for 3.  The answer depends on which apparatus you are on.  Each manufacturer of Reformer has a different feel and the springs have different amounts of load.  On a Gratz, the springs are all the same amount of tension,  but on many other types of Reformer, the springs have varying amounts of tension.  It also depends on if the springs on your Reformer are pre-loaded, meaning the springs are still open when the carriage is at home.  On the Gratz Reformer, the spring returns to 0 tension when the carriage is all the way home.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
KERRIE The 'feel' is  your best guide.  It should feel heavy enough that your feet are firmly planted into the bar as you lengthen your legs to straight, but not so heavy that you are unable to organize well.  I hope that answers your question and thank you for trying out my class.

Side note:  My son that was in my belly there is now 6 1/2!!!  Oh how time flies!  
Shona Croft
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Look at that - you find a class from years ago -  and it’s so good!   The Tree… I’ve done it countless countless times but this time I really got a deeper understanding of  it. THANKYOU Sharon! 
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