Sculpting Reformer<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 1301

Sculpting Reformer
Courtney Miller
Class 1301

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Oh My Goodness !! times 3 :)
this is by far and away THE best reformer workout with weights I have ever seen ~
perfect cueing, perfect progression, just well... Perfect
Thank You times 3
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All I can say is WOW! Looking forward to incorporating this workout with some of my advanced clients.
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Awesome pilates sculpt class! I have been waiting for a new class with Courtney Miller and I am not disappointed! Thank you and please keep them coming!!!
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Totally love this class.
The cuing and execution of exrcises is so amazing. Have been waiting for more classes from Courtney. Much Thanks !
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Great class. Thank you Courtney!!!
Loved it. So fun, great flow!
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Have not taken the class yet but so happy Courtney has another one.
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Courtney incredible reformer workout! I absolutely love your creativity in all of your workouts and your attention to detail and form is so awesome. Thank you for sharing and hope to see more from you!!
Thank you for the challenge! Great ideas!
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Wow!! Other than the great reformer classes by PA regular instructors, Amy Havens and Merideth & Niedra that I so enjoy--Courtney is my favorite visiting instructor!!!! Always so clear in her cueing, fantastic flow and definitely challenging. Fantastic!!!
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