Creative Reformer Variations<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1303

Creative Reformer Variations
Amy Havens
Class 1303

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I finally have a morning to catch up w/your classes. This is "Me" time. (very rare) so worth it. Amy thank for always being spot on. I too hope to make it to Ca. to take a class w/you. I met you at the Vegas party. I was w/my daughter. I was really happy to have met you. Thanks again Amy!
Denee ... so glad you gave yourself some "Denee time". We all need that! I really value your feedback, thank you so much. I do remember meeting you in Vegas......hope you can find your way to Santa Barbara for a class or workshop sometime! :)
Loved it!!!!
Thank you Tina!!
Great variations, very clever. I love the lunges at the end. My hips feel great!! I too suffer from tightness and it is so hard to get my heels on those darn shoulder blocks when I am kneeling. One day.....
Hi Annie! Thank you so much....glad you like the lunges at the end. And you know what....keep working on the heels getting back, it will happen! Madeline Black's most recent mat class covers that very thing....ankle, foot, toes flexibility etc. I think you'll really like that class. Let me know what you think and if some of her exercises help. I used some with a few of my clients and wow.....made a huge impact!!
Enjoyed so much - and for anyone doing this class for the first time, the first tension setting is red and blue
Thank you Barbara...and thank you for mentioning the spring tension. I always try to be very clear with that, but sounds like I missed it this time. Thanks for catching it!
Great solid workout for me. Clear cues. I feel great on a Saturday morning to start weekend. Thanks so much!
Thank you so much Barbara!!!
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