Improving Agility<br>Ken Gilbert<br>Class 1321

Improving Agility
Ken Gilbert
Class 1321

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Marta A
Great job!
Ken, amazing class! Loved your cues and hands on. Thank you for using a male client, too!
This is brilliant, Ken, and represents so much of what I love about Pilates Anytime and how it advances my teaching. Wonderful cueing and explanation for the student as well as teachers. I will return to this again and again.
Paola Maruca
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Superb tactile cues....Looooove it!!!!! More more more....please!!!!!!!!!
More to come Paola!
that was such a fabulous class. cues were amazing and student/teacher relationship was really fun to observe. cannot wait to try this class vs. sitting on my butt watching on the couch! :)
Lynn G
Talk about being blown away. Fabulous, I am a teacher, and tried this so session on myself, feel so open and light. Love your cueing, love your simplicity and how you connect to the client. A definite to rewatch and 're-feel'! Merci!
Thank you, each of you, for your observations and comments. I love hearing about the process of teaching as observed by others. I appreciate your taking time to let me know what you experience in watching, listening and practicing!
That was fascinating and amazing, so focused! I appreciate the attention to myofascia too... Thanks!!
Thank you, that was wonderful! Can we see you teach on the reformer next time .
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