Improving Agility<br>Ken Gilbert<br>Class 1321

Improving Agility
Ken Gilbert
Class 1321

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Yeong Cheol C
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Thank you!
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wow - I am very impressed!! So, that is how Pilates can look with a very skilled and strong student! I definitely liked the cues that you give, Ken, and the intensity and insistency with which you follow your goal. I will watch this many times to really understand. It would be great to see you work with a "normal" client, to see how you would cue then! Maybe you could do a workshop on Shoulder?! (I tried, but I could`nt do the tipping over in the side bend on the push-through-bar..)
Like always at pilatesanytime, I took great advantage by viewing, thank you!
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Silke . . . thank you for noticing the details. I love your enthusiasm about the teaching and learning. I learn with every student and inside every session.
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Couldn't tell if this was a tutorial on how to teach or a class.
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Finally you are here again !!!!!
We need a regular male teacher and I vote for you to be the one ,
Tomorrow I will try your lesson at the studio I saw many new things . Grazie m
Pele . . . thank you for noticing both: when I am teaching I am in communication with my student in the way that you see and hear. My technique and method is student-centered so that the student is self-engaged through the teaching.
Monica . . . thank you. Have fun with the lesson; my intention is to include some progression and advancement through each segment that integrates with the segment before and after.
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That was simply wonderful!!
Vicente Diaz De Leon
Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo !
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