Improving Agility<br>Ken Gilbert<br>Class 1321

Improving Agility
Ken Gilbert
Class 1321

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Lisa F
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Wow! What incredible strength and control. Amazing eye with passion. Inspired.
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Lisa . . . yes, strength and control. George and I continue to work together and challenge what seems to be impossible with strength, control and stamina. Thank you for watching!
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Just viewed this! A fantastic learning experience as I felt like I was right there with you and George. Thanks so much Ken. As instructors it is important for our students to know we have their back so they may explore and you certainly showed that importance here.
DeeDee . . . thank you! I was just speaking with George this last week about how our teacher/student relationship has evolved and become a collaboration. George's work has evolved in extraordinary ways which reflects my teaching - through myself it becomes an empathic connection of both of us. Every session there is something unique in both of us.
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Thank you Ken Gilbert - that was simply a master class. Amazing work with so many great ideas for shoulder work and gaining more mobility through the spine. Will definitely watch again - thanks again!
Patti . . . thank you! This is an older posting on Pilates Anytime; I am thrilled that you found it and that you appreciate the work. George is one of my long-term clients - over 12 years. He and I create a movement conversation with each session.
Beutifully done, wow! I love the way you que and teach in so into the detail. I have learned a lot. Thank you Ken
Theresa . . . thank you for commenting! I love hearing that my cuing and teaching helped you . . .
Wow! You are a genius!! The comment about not knowing if it was a tutorial or a class, well in my mind this is what a great pilates teacher should be doing. I have done hundreds of pilates anytime classes but unfortunately not one of yours. I want to see you much more here and learn from you! Thank you
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