Reformer Box Flow<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 1323

Reformer Box Flow
Courtney Miller
Class 1323

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I love your classes.
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Courtney, I have never commented before but I have so loved taking your classes. Your teaching style is fresh and creative and I love surprising my clients with challenging new moves. Thank you for sharing!!
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Thank You for another wonderful class with fun variations :)
and you're right on when you said adding a few of these box series after or during other routines would work, Im already thinking on the box.
Amazing class once again Courtney ! My fav PA instructor. Love your athletic teaching and all the many variations. Please keep up the classes, I look forward to watching many more !!
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Amazing class Courntey. My fav PA instructor. I love your athletic teaching and creative variations. Brilliant! Can't wait to see many more of your classes !
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I never tire of Courtney's classes! Great job!
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Love this class Courtney! Agreed with everyone else. More of Courtney Miller!!
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Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!
Jeannean M
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Never thought an entire class on the box could be so fun!!
Thank you Courtney :)
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