Reformer Box Flow<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 1323

Reformer Box Flow
Courtney Miller
Class 1323

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Hi Courtney, great workout! Thank you for sharing this one...and definitely now I will use the box more in my work and with my clients :)
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I absolutely love your videos-they are so creative and fun. Please keep them coming!
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Very creative!! Thanks Courtney!!!
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Love the variations of exercises on the Box. Love all your workouts! All I Have to say is More, More, More of Courtney Miller!:)
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Hi Courtney, wonderful class! creative and fluent, love your cues and style of teaching. as a pilates teacher this is definitely inspiring! Thank you :)
Always creative and with clear instruction! Beautiful class, thank you!!
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Love it love it love it!!! I love creative and innovative excercises! thank you Courtney!
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Love your classes Courtney, Thank You!
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I love your classes. Great and a lot of inspirations ! Always worth seeing.
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You never fail to make an expression with your wonderful creative workouts! Thank you for your love and passion of your pilates practice! It is inspiring!!
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