Total Body Wunda Chair<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1326

Total Body Wunda Chair
Meredith Rogers
Class 1326

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Heikki in Finland loves this class!
Thank you Meredith!
CanĀ“t wait to try it!
This one just for you Heikki! Can't wait to see you in January.
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My first chair class with PA! My husband gave me an early Christmas present
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Great class!! No more tightness in my back today. Thank you:)
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Meri! you are an awesome teacher.. I am sooo jealous Heikki is coming again. Heikki you need to take me with you next time xx I loved this class!
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and a special WELCOME to PA to Wendy!
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Wow amazing class! Will definitely be saving in my favorites.
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Meredith, this class is amazing! I love the way that you mix the mat exercises with the aparatus. I just love it, thank you!
Thanks gals! :)
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Lovely class. Thanks Meredith!!
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