Jump Board Tutorial
Niedra Gabriel
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Thanks for the great foundation work Niedra! You have a great way of breaking down the movement.
Thanks Lea, you sound very passionate about teaching ( I looked at your bio) so all the more pleased that you found the tutorial informative.
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thank you Niedra, I really liked the footwork at the beginning and will do that with my clients!
How many springs did you use?
Hello Silke, I believe I used 2 springs, I was using a balanced body reformer so it was probably a red and blue spring but I am not sure so far past the film time.
a bit of advice: always test the spring tension before you set up the jump board as different reformers have different tensions and what is important is the right among of tension to allow for jumping with out being too light or too strong. You can feel it on your body.
Great and informative introduction onto the jump board. I love the simple and easy language you use. I will be sure to "borrow" it for my classes. Thank you!
I love the way you teach! Thank you Niedra!
Thank you Maureen and Jessica, so glad you enjoyed this tutorial, the jumping board is often under used yet so much fun!
A whole Jumpboard class please Niedra? Xxxx
great idea - will see if I can get filmed with such a class. Looked at your website - you sound amazing.
Hi! I've just bought a reformer but my coach hasn't covered jumpboard work in our sessions. What would you recommend for those who don't have much ankle flexibility? Mine only really make it to 90 degrees, no less. I've worked through this video on my toes for most of it, but I don't want to be hurting myself or missing out on work.
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