Deep Stabilization Reformer
Christi Idavoy
Class 1348

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Love it Christi! Polestar style:) see u soon.
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Congratulations and Thank You for a wonderful class !!
I had never used a yoga block this way so this was really new for me ~ I did understand the stability/instability aspects and really focused on it. Your cueing and flow were perfect. glad you saved that toughie inverted V for the end tho :)
@Nevena Markovic, I am so happy you enjoyed the class! Adding the block under the pelvis does so many things to enhance the experience of the exercises while providing a different environment, which in it of itself will add benefits. The most amazing thing I find about doing Footwork with it is the added length for the hip flexors, especially when stretching the heels under the bar. The block also helps place the pelvis in a more optimal position, which will help us feel the gentle 'drawing in' sensation of the transverses. If and when someone tends to 'tuck' the pelvis/ bias towards a posterior tilt, the block will help deter that tendency. Overall, I find it helps redirect our attention and add variety to some of the most common Reformer exercises. Hope this was helpful! You can contact me at if you'd like to discuss further. Thank you!
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Congratulations Christi! Great class. Glad to see you on Pilates Anytime!
So wonderful to have you on PA Christi!
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Great class! Question on the position for Pulling Straps. You're showing "girls off the box" (wink,) while classical teachers line up the top edge of the shoulder with the edge of the box -- so, the torso is 8-12" further back. Is your position a comfort option, or is there a different benefit to this position? Thx!
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congratulations for being part of this wonderful website.
Do you think that using the yoga block for people with ernatied disk is good ? or better they find the neutral spine by theirselves?
monica italia
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Great class Christi. Love the cueing and the flow :)
I am blessed to have your great talent Pilatying around me on a daily basis. Thank you for a rich class filled with beautiful imagery. Go polestar!
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Thank you for a brilliant class!!!
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