MVe® Chair Variations<br>Michael King<br>Class 1351

MVe® Chair Variations
Michael King
Class 1351

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WOW, I have my own MVE and love more of these..Absolutely the best, way better than the peak tapes. Right on level with me and also added a challenge .

Loved this class!! I can't believe I kept up with you all, but I did it and loved it as much as your other class similar to this one. Thank you Micheal! Please keep these classes coming:)
Just took this class again. It makes me happy:)
Beautiful class, it's great to have some free moves in a class...push out ?? the fingers were the best ??
More MVe Please!!! I have my own chair and no classes in the area. The classes with the split bar never consider us. THANK YOU
Patricia P
I love it !! Genius!!!!1 Great for a retired ballet dancer that is now a pilates instructor!!! Me :))))))
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This is great! I love creating Reformer classes set to music for my veteran Pilates clients. This will kick it up a notch for them with the MvE chair!
Yeah! MK style! :)
I loved this class, always love the flow of Michael s class. big fan!
This was different!! Very Dancey   I have an MVE chair and it's great to have a workout move so smoothly between muscle groups.  Great ideas and lots of fun.  Thanks
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