MVe® Chair Variations<br>Michael King<br>Class 1351

MVe® Chair Variations
Michael King
Class 1351

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Well that was different but a bit of fun although it very hard to focus on correct form / technique. Thought I was going to end up in hospital at one point - watching screen, listening to instructions/music, and constant switching of legs on the step ups, nearly lost my balance a few times!
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It was fun but , It went the same for me a faster pace than usual.
I enjoyed it and the time with music was fun. It has been a while that I have done coreo like this. Thank you Michael King.
Hi Guys, Thanks for the comments and yes the tempo is much faster as its aimed for people who know the movements and want a challenge. When I teach this for a lower level class I do less choreography and much more repetition. Hope you are all have a great holiday !
I really enjoyed this class. I teach an MVE chair class once a week at my studio. It is the type of client/class that is looking for a hard quicker paced workout. So I really enjoyed your choreography a bit different, so it gave me great ideas to keep things fresh. I loved your music. Thanks.
I think with all of the classes it is a good idea to review a class first (though I'm aware that isn't always reality for busy folks). In this case we opted not to do the "break down" version of the class thinking filming another class with Michael would be preferred. We'll make a note in the description so people know ahead of time this class is worth reviewing before trying in order to get the most out of it. Thank you for your feedback.
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This class remaind me my dance classesand I really enjoyed it. Sometimes it is good not to be sticked to the perfect control(anyway it is inpossible to do this workout without control)and just follow the music.Thank you so much
Thank you for the comments, and I did want to create a movement class as I think we should be using the method to challenge the body and with this type of sequencing you need to be versed in the chair and the movements. Of course much of my time is teaching people very slowly how to learn the details of each movements. I always tell my students its like learning a new language, letters first then words and yes this is the conversation.
Inspiring class! My veteran clients will love this format! I plan to break it down first, turn on the music and have a blast!
enjoyed watching the class. I would use ose of the moves with 1 ,1 s who wanted a challenge - refreshing as ever.
jajaja so good really fun...nice music...I like you very much Michel.
Thamk you
I`m still smiling all night long
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