Jillian Hessel on Carola<br>Jillian Hessel<br>Discussion 1378

Jillian Hessel on Carola
Jillian Hessel
Discussion 1378

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Excellent. Thank you Jillian and PAA.
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Lovely! Thank you for sharing!!
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very nice!! thank you
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Thank you Jillian, for sharing your story :)
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Jillian, your memories and experiences are like they happened yesterday. Your candour about working with carola is very funny. There is always good and bad. How fortunate you were two work with TWO masters. Thanks for sharing.
Jennifer W
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Jillian, such history! Thank you for weaving it together and sharing!
Thank you Jillian, for so generously sharing such a gem of history with all of us!
Thanks for all the positive feedback, ladies! I really appreciate not only that you watched my clips, but that you took the time to leave such positive comments! Hope to do more in future with PA.
We're working on the schedule now Jillian! Can't wait to have you back!
Dear Jillian, Thank you so much for sharing.
It would be great to have you come to Switzerland.
We would love to have you come and share more and teach.
You were so fortunate to be taught and experience time with Carola and Kathy. Deborah Lessen also shared much when she came to Switzerland in 2012. Again, thank you for sharing such wonderful history.
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