Foam Roller Experience<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1380

Foam Roller Experience
Amy Havens
Class 1380

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Good foam roller warm up for apparatus work. Keep more of these coming.
Thank you Connie, Vidya and Usha! I appreciate your feedback and comments...glad you enjoyed this!
Wonderful, plus some great new ideas!
Hi Amy. Thanks for the class, it was great! I generally feel quite stable on the roller with parallel feet and adding the turn out with the scissor legs really challenged me. I kept slipping towards the left. Would this be a weakness in my left obliques? (As you've probably guessed I'm not a dancer)
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Hi ladies...thank you, glad you enjoyed the class and ideas! Estee, it's hard to tell without having you in front of me, but there is a chance of some weakness.....but it may just be this slight change of angle and your coordination in that moment. Really, who knows...! :) It could be any number of things...just the sheer fact that you were pulled to the left may indicate something weak on that side....but maybe it's somewhere on the opposite side that needs to be recruited to say to the left side, "hey, stay here to the center..." Play, practice.....let me know what you discover!
So glad I own a roller. Wouldn´t want to have missed this fantastic class. And while I am most definitely not a dancer I get asked all the time if I am.
This class in combination with your class 813 provided an overall great 40 minute session that worked everything.
Amy, working with some former & pre-professional dancers. We get it! Thanks for a short time well spent.
Lovely. Great length when I'm running mate for work:)
Thank you all so much.....glad you dancers 'get it'!!!! :)
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