Challenging Tower Variations<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 1385

Challenging Tower Variations
Melissa Connolly
Class 1385

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That was the best tower class yet! I loved your first tower class as well. So challenging. I'm out of breath. Thank you:)
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Best tower classes come from Melissa!
I know I can rely on getting a dynamic, seamless, and efficient workout in less than an hour. I like the minimal use of filler words too.
Well done! Another great class from you!
Love it!!!!
Excellant! Thank you Melissa, awesome tower class!
Challenging and invigorating class!
Marlisa E
Love this challengIng workout...I keep returning to it to solidify my own work so I can share in my classes. Thanks for being faithful to Julian's precise cueing and providing a great challenge!
Love it!
Great Class Melissa! Thank you!
Thank you, Mellssa. I just did this class again... it's still one of my favs. Love the Tower classes Thank you, PA, for keeping them coming.
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