Challenging Tower Variations<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 1385

Challenging Tower Variations
Melissa Connolly
Class 1385

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Loved it!! Especially the oblique work at the end!
Really enjoyed this class. Cant wait until I can do those pushups!
This was my first class with you Melissa, and by far the best tower class I've taken on PA. Thank you so much!!!!! I still can't believe you cued and worked out at the same time. It was so challenging! WOW!
Wonderful Tower class, thank you!
I just did this class maybe for the third time.... really challenging. Great cueing! Thank you, Melissa.
Robin S
KICK ASS!!! sincerely one of my favorite tower workouts EVER!!! Thank you for that!! 
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I just came across this class, it’s AMAZING!! Thank you Melissa x
Just found this amazing class!  Feel completely energised for the weekend.
Abbey G
Amazing! Love the classical style with fun variations to keep it fresh and inspiring. Melissa is the best!
Alina N
this was such great class
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