Quick Total Body Mat<br>Jennifer Golden<br>Class 1405

Quick Total Body Mat
Jennifer Golden
Class 1405

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Lynne F
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Sometimes I don't have enough time for a whole class, but I do want to do something. This is it! I really enjoyed this short version to toss in every so often.
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Delightful. I thought I was taking a "private" until I read what all of you were saying about the class. Wink.
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Springy 4 legged animal. .lovely cue. .There was so much great movement in this little workout! Thanks from New Zealand
Perfect! Got me moving, can feel more alive and present for the rest of my day. My body says thank you!
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Great quick workout! Will use on my "off" days! Heart rate got right up! Thanks!
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"like a ninja" ... I love it !
Thanks for all the great comments, folks! I'm glad you are all taking advantage of having just a few minutes to spare :)
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Love this! Especially the various references to tissue. I am going to do this every day for a week to counteract the Christmas inertia!
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Awesome Jennifer!! Thanks :)
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