Quick Total Body Mat<br>Jennifer Golden<br>Class 1405

Quick Total Body Mat
Jennifer Golden
Class 1405

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"if you let the rules go and let your tissues guide you, see where you go.". I loved that thought! Felt great, thanks.
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Nice one Jen!
Thanks, Yoly! I love being taught by an instructor, but there is also something truly remarkable about following the insight's of your own body.
Thanks, Stacy!! XOXO
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Great fast workout. Just what I needed when no time! Heart rate up, stretched, strengthened... perfect pilates workout in no time.
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Wow...so many fantastic variations...loved the swan, sliding cat, and rollups with pulsing twist, even the springy push-ups ! Definitely going to borrow some of this...thank you thank you!
Great workout - I may never do 30/60 mins again :)
Heart is pumping & body is singing - thank you Jennifer xxxx
Thanks, JC and Bridgette! It's amazing what you can do when you *think* you don't have time for a workout, isn't it?
Thanks so much for commenting, Jennifer and Megan! I'm so glad you had fun :)
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