Strong Reformer<br>Dana Santi<br>Class 1477

Strong Reformer
Dana Santi
Class 1477

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loved it! Thank you so much...excellent cueing and really got me working deeply
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Awesome cueing and flow, great class. I hope to see lots more of Dana Santi on Pilates Anytime, what a wonderful intensity in her teaching!
Thank you. So happy and humbled you all enjoyed:)
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This is a wonderful workout, but it says no props in the beginning of it - is the box a prop? Any suggestions on what I can use as a 'box' on my reformer since I dont have a box?
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Cristina ~ Thank you for your forum post. The box is used in most Reformer classes and we consider it part of the equipment. Kristi taught a tutorial on modifications you can do when you don't have a box. I hope it helps give you some ideas.
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Really enjoyed this class. I always learn something new with each instructor. Thank you.
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Fantastic reformer class Dana. Your articulate cues made all the difference. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
Glad you liked Jasmine!
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Just found this awesome class/instructor. Loved the cues. Learned a lot while getting a great workout. Thank you so much.
Thanks Heather
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