Strong Reformer<br>Dana Santi<br>Class 1477

Strong Reformer
Dana Santi
Class 1477

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Thank you Dana, the class was awesome! The detailed cues from Footwork on kept me feeling connected the whole way through.
Jennifer W
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Fantastic class! Clear and helpful cues! Thank you!!
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way to go, dana! in your welcome video, your description of the learning environment under juanita was right on: i admire your thoughtful, accurate, and heartfelt portrayal. super job teaching - just like i remember you! congratulations all around! xoxoxo
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Great pace, wonderful instruction, awesome workout...Thank you Dana!
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I loved being a student for you Dana! Thank you for a very memorable class---incredible cues, demanding and clear!
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Great class! Thank you!
Your passion for Pilates blossoms in your teaching! Challenging class, thank you!
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Timely detailed flow of Romana's classical Reformer sequence. As students travel from one instructor to another, knowledge of the classical technique is invaluable. Thank you.
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WOW! Excellent class! Very challenging:) Thank you!
Mary L
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OMG Best reformer class on the web. So happy you added Dana Santi to the group Can't wait to learn more from her.
Good job Pilatesanytime!!
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