Reformer on the Mat<br>Dana Santi<br>Class 1494

Reformer on the Mat
Dana Santi
Class 1494

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Outstanding!! Great workout. Thank you!
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This was amazing! Thank you!
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Dana, I Loved watching your class! It gave me some GREAT ideas to spice up a mat class :)
Sarah N
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Great class! I loved the jackknife and neck pull combo!
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Excellent Class!! Very invigorating and well planned!
Thank you, Dana
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With an 8 months old it's tough to fit in workouts so this was perfect! Thank you :))
Not mat only when it uses straps so much!
Not mat only when it uses straps and poles so much!
@H - my suggestion to you when you don't have a mat with the straps and poles is to utilize a wall. You can always use it to push your hands and feet into. It takes some maneuvering, but it works.
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I think this is definitely accelerated pace!
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