Matwork Leading to the Bow<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 1496

Matwork Leading to the Bow
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 1496

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Elsabe D
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Wonderful class with such perfect cueing! Thank you ever so much. Cant wait to do it and then get my clients set up for success!
Thank you Elizabeth for your thorough and concise explanation. I have bought the Moshe Feldenkrais book Awareness through movement after re-reading some of the literature and notes I took from the Pilates Symposium you did in Athens 2009. I did a number of your classes and was really inspired by how you moved so elegantly to music on the cadillac and reformer. The sling system is a bit of a mystery to me so I need to do some more reading but thank you for all the information. If you can recommend a book or a course to do on this area??? I'm very excited to see how my clients will respond to the oscillation in class!!
I remember meeting you in Athens Maureen. So glad PilatesAnytime keeps us connected! Please check out the PA workshops by Dr. Robert Schleip and Dr. Carol Davis. Robert Schleip directs the Fascia Research Lab at Ulm University and Carol Davis teaches in the Physical Therapy Department at University of Miami. Both are experts on fascia.
This is such a perfect class after a few long days on the mountain bike... I feel amazing!!
Thank you for an inspiring class... easy to follow with excellent cues!
Dear Elizabeth, the intelligence and depth you bring to Pilates is extraordinary. I follow all your classes here at Pilates anytime. I hope soon I will have the honor to take a class or workshop from you directly!
LOVE THIS. thanks!
As I've always said about Elizabeth: Artist, Entertainer, Healer, Seeker and Teacher. Elizabeth, Have studied or heard of TRE?
Found this session very interesting to observe, will now try doing it.
fantastic, thank you :)
Dear Elizabeth,
Today was profound in many ways. I have a 5 month old son and find time on the mat only during naps. This "sequence to success" in extension was just what I needed after so much nursing and imbalances while sleeping that comes along with dealing with infants. I have been following your classes for a few years now through podcasts and now Pilates Anytime....My teaching is inspired by you and your humor.
But today, as I sat to choose which class I would do, I first played your instructor intro video. At the point in which you mentioned your sister I felt such a connection to you, not just the teacher, but the person. What a deeply moving relationship indeed. Thank you for sharing that with us. I hope someday to be able to study with you live and in person. Do you ever come to New York City?
Please let me know how I might find out where you'll be teaching next.

All the best and thank you for your honest, inspired and dedicated work.

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