Eve Gentry Inspired Flow<br>Suzanne Gutterson<br>Class 1509

Eve Gentry Inspired Flow
Suzanne Gutterson
Class 1509

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Suzanne, you are an inspiration !!
This is the first time I have ever commented on Pilates Anytime. I have seen hundreds of videos and am a Pilates Instructor myself. This is my favorite video!!! Absolutely loved every minute of this class. Wow
I'm so glad you all took advantage of taking Suzanne's class. I'm thrilled to be able to say that she will be coming to PA next month WITH Michele Larsson to film more classes for us!

Thank you for your feedback.
Love watching the tactile cues and guidance. Very helpful for teaching techniques... Thank you!
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OHHH! What a wonderful teacher you are Suzanne! Your have a fun personality and non-judgemental style, with cues that are hilarious, yet precise! Eve Gentry is certainly smiling with pride at her student! I would love to take a class with you while I am here in Albuquerque visiting my daughter and new granddaughter!
Kim C
You're a delight!
loved this class
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Loved it--it's especially nice to see a lesson being given to a person who is not an accomplished instructor--although those are nice as well. This was wonderful.
I always learn from comments. Thank you all.

Love this class, the cues are great! Thank you Suzanne!
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