Opening the Back and Chest<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 1538

Opening the Back and Chest
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 1538

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This was such a lovely workout! Perfectly strong, balanced and stretchy. Thank you!
Love the energy, pace, stretching, challenge, and pretty much the whole video. Great class! Kathryn you are a wonderful instructor.
The energy is incredible!!!! You are really amazing! Thank you Kathi!!!
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Another amazing class by Kathryn. Please make more vids! This class is awesome! Perfectly paced with a great leg stretch etc. for after the treadmill.
loving the STRETCH. Feel great, thanks.
Wow. Just wow. Amazing class. Thank you.
Wow! Super class like all of yours! Thanks so much!!
I needed this to get my sweat on! Thank you.
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