Opening the Back and Chest<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 1538

Opening the Back and Chest
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 1538

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Really upbeat positive class! LOVE IT! :D
I feel both loose and pulled together!
Please tell me that was an advance level ..... Are we all supposed to be so flexible? Is that the normal standard ?? Or is it only me far behind........ Great workout though and definite challenge!!!
Fantastic class, beautiful stretches and just what i needed this bank holiday, challenging well, very challenging but fantastic to do :) Thank you ladies!
thoroughly enjoyed it. I really loved the integration of reformer elements as well and learned new aspects of the excercises. Cues were very helpful. and Yay! i did somethings i didn't think i could before, and plenty more for me to work on.
thank you.
So excited to try this Pilates work out! Are those mats for purchase anywhere? They look very comfortable and I like the dowels and straps!
Sarah N
This was a wonderful class! Loved the Russian splits and high bridge!
OMG!! I'm speechless, mostly because I'm breathless! This class has me teetering between what I am able to do and where I want to progress. I'm a bit of a hot mess right now but I will keep working on this class. Thank you, Kathi, for calling me out on my mat! You are challenging and inspiring.
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A great class!! as always very inspiring!!!
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Thanks for a great class. I'm hoping that repeating this one during the holidays will keep me supple & strong. Very inspiring!
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