Full-Body Arm Chair<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 1539

Full-Body Arm Chair
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 1539

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That was amazing! You both did a great job!
Isn't Colleen just Stunning! It looks so easy but you know it's soooo hard!
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Very excited! I am fortunate to own a Gratz Arm Chair - attempted to join in the fun. I have a lot of work ahead of me - grateful to have Kathi as my teacher! The squats were new for me - LOVED!! Thank you PA and thank you KRN!!!
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What a fantastic piece of apparatus! Why is this not as prolific in some studios as the other equipment? Defiantly on my shopping list when I expand my little home studio.
YEAH!! DON"T YOU LOVE YOUR CHAIR!!! Jon it's a must for EVERY studio LOL I have two and just ordered a third. Students can work on them after and before their lessons!
I didn't make it up, I just teach it. I have to tell my clients that all the time! Hmm reminders of times with Julian Littleford.
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Baby Arm Chair is my favorite piece! loved this workout! You are awesome Kathy!!!! Please do a ped-o-pull one!!!
Dear Kathryn
Could you tell me about your tactile cues you did during the T pulling straps ( betwenn the blades) it' s for contraction or not squeezing too much ?
Sorry my english is uhmmmmm
Super ! I lOVE IT !!
So use to love the baby chair now not so much!!!
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