Push the Envelope<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 1540

Push the Envelope
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 1540

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Neila S
Kathi Ross-Nash you are the funnest! You make working out a joy! Thank you.
This is a workout! The energy, the pace, the intensity. I just love Kathryn Ross-Nash, always delivers a dynamic session.  I realise PA is for all levels of learning and offers a great variety of instruction but sometimes instructions overpower actual movement. This is a great example of simultaneous instruction, cues and flowing movement. Nice to break a sweat. More please! Thank you
Really enjoyed the energy and pacing of this class. Was sweating about 7 minutes in :) Really needed that long sidekick sequence to open up my hips too!
Fab! Love the impromptu joyful ending. It’s how we will hug in our post COVID world. X
I loved this class so much. I think I need to create a playlist of “mood lifting classes” and add this too it! I was uncoordinated and laughing at the same time. Thank you xxx
Love this challenge. The bottom leg bicycle was great :)
Cheryl Z
invigorating way to start the day have to work on piyo jacks
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